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April Strategy Update 2019

February Economic Update 2019

Dark clouds, but no storm           

January Strategy Update 2019

Premature recession fears            

November Economic Update 2018

Cautious, not pessimistic            

October Strategy Update 2018

A pivotal October            

August Economic Update 2018

July Strategy Update 2018

A whiff of stagflation            

January Economic Update 2018

A strong start to a new year            

January Strategy Update 2018

Rational exuberance            

November Economic Update 2017

Plus ça change at the Fed            

October Economic Update 2017

BoE signal policy tightening            

September/ October Strategy Update 2017

Bull markets don't die of old age            

July Economic Update 2017

An extended cycle            

May Economic Update 2017

Lower for longer lives on            

May Strategy Update 2017

Ready to buy summer dips            

March/April Economic Update 2017

Fed delivers dovish hike            

February Economic Update 2017

January/February Strategy Update 2017

January Economic Update 2017

November Strategy Update 2016


November Economic Update 2016

Trumpflation and other stories               

October Economic Update 2016

Politics takes centre stage               

September Strategic Update 2016

Brexit boost to multi asset returns               

September Economic Update 2016

August 2016

Brexit takes Fed off the table (for now)               

July 2016

Brexit good for emerging markets and Japan               

April/ May 2016

February/ March 2016

 Policy to react to deflationary shock              

December 2015

 Lone hiker: US rate rise implications              

September 2015

July/ August 2015